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Welcome to Utbildningsinfo (Information about Education) is a web site for students, parents and professionals in the field of education. The site is a source for collected, current and neutral information about education in Sweden, which is financed or supervised/monitored by the state. The web site contains different parts: a search tool for educations in Sweden, a web-based career guidance tool, a description of the Swedish school system, a personal folder and a special section for guidance practitioners.

Search education or school (Sök utbildning)

Under Sök utbildning (Search education) there is information about education in Sweden. There are several ways to make a search: for comprehensive school, for upper secondary school, education for adults (including universities and university colleges, Advanced Vocational Education and Training, municipal schools for adults, The Swedish Folk High Schools) or Swedish for immigrants.

Choose and plan (Välj och planera) web-based career guidance support

Välj och Planera (Choose and plan) is a web-based career guidance program. It contains different tools, such as pedagogical texts, exercises, examples in a well-structured matrix and it supports raising awareness about different issues that are important in a career choice. The program can be used independently or with the assistance of a career counsellor. Additional information is provided in the accompanying guide.

The Swedish school system (Utbildningssystemet)

This map of the Swedish school system is providing an overview of the structure and the connection between the different parts of the Swedish education system, from preschool to university studies. With a single click one can quickly go to the form of education one would like to know more about and find information regarding the type of activities, the assessment procedure etc.

My folder (Min mapp)

In Min mapp (My folder) one can shape his/her own content by, for example, writing a CV, making a plan and gathering contacts. Search results and results from the "Choose and plan" section can also be saved here. Furthermore, the personal folder can be of help when one is searching for education.

The Swedish National Agency for Education

Skolverket (The Swedish National Agency for Education) is the central administrative authority for the Swedish public school system for children, young people and adults, as well as for preschool activities and childcare for school children. The role of the National Agency for
Education in the Swedish education system is to define goals in order to administrate, to inform in order to influence and to review in order to improve. The National Agency for Education audits preschool activities, care for school children, schools and adult education in many different ways.
Regardless of the method, however, the focus is always on asserting the right of each individual to knowledge and personal development.
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